About Me

Virginia Sanhouse Professional Biography

When asked about her greatest motivation in her career, Virginia Sanhouse reflected upon her life and dedicated that title to her loving family. From a young age, her parents pushed her to relentlessly pursue her goals and to be unwavering in her independence as a women. In addition, Virginia has always been fascinated by the ever-changing art and fashion industries, and spent much of her childhood envisioning a career for herself in  those sectors. As she grew up and stepped into the field of content creating and modeling, Virginia developed a passion for helping others feel confident, sexy, and powerful in their own skin. Now, she is the proud founder and CEO of Sanhouse Fit LLC, which is a lifestyle brand geared towards assisting others in achieving their physical and mental wellness goals.

Virginia moved from Venezuela to the United States in 2018, when she also launched her career as an eCommerce model working for top brands in Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas. Skilled at promoting brands and connecting with viewers through social media, Virginia has thrived within the content creator space. Notably, she has established a prominent presence on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. As the initial move to the United States proved to be quite challenging, Virginia's journey is evidence that anyone can accomplish even the highest goals they've set for themselves.

Starting with the launch of her effective waist trainer, Virginia is ecstatic to follow her dream of contributing to the empowering journeys of her customers. Her superior waist trainer is designed to be worn comfortably during all moments of the day including, but not exclusive to, workouts, casual walks, and even errands! It's no secret that, in order to be effective, waist trainers must be worn consistently. As such, the versatility and comfort of the Sanhouse Fit Waist Trainer contribute to how effective they are in helping women achieve their goals. This product was designed to help you stabilize and straighten your posture while achieving the waist-slimming and flattening effects you desire.

When she is away from the office or not creating content, Virginia enjoys clearing her mind and decompressing by working out. As it is her long-term goal to give back to her country of Venezuela, she can often be found brainstorming ways she can positively contribute to the lives of her fellow Venezuelans. As she considers it is her ongoing mission to support the mental and physical wellbeing of other women, Virginia is committed to innovating groundbreaking wellness and lifestyle products to give her customers a leg up, needed to achieve those dreams for a healthy life.